An airplane combat game where the pilots are dogs

Petricore’s Fourth Game

A big departure from Petricore’s previous 3 games Mind The Arrow, Gelato Flicker, and Battery Boy– Dogfight is targeting console and PC. The concept spawned from, you guessed it, the pun “dog fight”. What started out as a joke quickly became an idea we saw some real potential in. Not many arcade style airplane games have been released in recent years. It is a bit of a callback to games like Starfox, that one minigame in Sly Cooper 2, or even Pilot Wings. The gameplay features wacky dog-themed weapons, dogs, cute dogs, and also dogs. More information can be found about the game here.

My Role:

  • Early flight control prototypes
  • Reticle lock on + aim adjust
  • Plane tricks / turn around maneuvers
  • Art pipeline tools (prefab swapper, scene switcher)