Dead Drop Desperado

A “Matrix”-style bullet dodging duel built for Bose AR

Part of Playcrafting’s Bose ARcade

Playcrafting invited Petricore to a Bose sponsored game jam weekend. The challenge was to design and create a game suited specifically for Bose AR. Our concept turned in to Dead Drop Desperado.

Set in the Wild Wild West, Dead Drop Desperado pits two players in a “Matrix”-style bullet dodging duel where they take turns shooting and dodging in slow-motion. While shooting, a player holds the phone and can see the digital representation of their opponent which they can tap at and shoot a whole revolver clip at whatever speed/pattern they desire. The person dodging will have the Bose AR tech to rely on which helps them orient their real-life space when they dodge as they listen closely for the bullets whizzing through the air.

My Role:

  • SDK integration (which was still in development at the time)
  • iOS builds and release process
  • UX for information presentation (two players, where one is blind and the other is deaf)
  • General gameplay polish and testing