Con 'Em If You Can

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FableVision – Remote Contract Work

Flash is aging and isn’t supported well anymore so FableVision contracted Petricore for help porting Con ‘Em If You Can from Flash over to Unity. This included Android, iOS, and a WebGL release (which you can play here!).

The objective was fairly straightforward– port the game from Flash and preserve as much as possible. We made sure to keep style (right down to ease types on the animations!) and layouts. We had some surprising difficulty trying to get the videos to play audio on all the different browsers, but things worked out well in the end. I worked on pretty much every part of the port, from UI to gameplay to plugins - you name it.

My Role:

  • Logic and structure design (to keep similar concepts from Flash to Unity)
  • Core gameplay flow
  • UI layouts and animations
  • Analytics integration